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Image Gallery

View Images of the Federated States of Gapla, taken by our National Photography Service.

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Citizens of Gapla Map

Where do Citizens of Gapla live? Click on a blue placemark to see how many people live there. You can zoom in the map using your cursor.

Why Gapla?

Gapla is a large community of over 160 people committed to fighting injustice, creating a more welcoming community, and improving our country. By joining our nation, you become part of this project, are eligible to apply for a job, create a state, become a mayor, earn Gapla Dollars, and more, all free of charge. We strongly believe that anyone should be able to achieve their goals, and all forms of discrimination are unacceptable.

Current Executive Council

Fifth Executive Council of the Federated States of Gapla

Wyatt Baek

President, Founder, and Head of State

Chelsea Chen

Vice President, Assistant to the President

Eovnia Pual

Secretary of the State

Irene Kim

Counciliar Assistant

Emma Bunnell

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kevin Bouge

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Time Passed Since Independence Day

From the Gaplan Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of Citizen Services

Weather in Gapla

From the Gapla National Weather Service Forcast