Symbols of Gapla

The Symbols of Gapla are all listed here.

Coat of Arms

The three values on the Coat of Arms is Secrecy, Justice, and Merit.

The rose represents secrecy, and the delf represents justice.


The flag of the Federated States of Gapla has never changed since independence. The background blue color represents the People, the red cross represents the Pride of the People, the orange represents Parliament and the Association of Ministries, and the yellow star represents the nation. The parts that are touching mean that it is affecting the other area.


The blue touches the red, and the orange, because the pride of the people are made from the people, and the Parliament and Association of Ministries are made of the people. Also notice that citizens themselves cannot change the nation, the star.


The red touches all of the areas, because the pride of the people is made from the people, gives people to Parliament and the Association of Ministries, and affects the nation.


The orange represents the Parliament, which most closely touches the star. The orange also is made from the Pride of the People and the People.


This yellow star is the government, and touches everything except for the blue, because citizens cannot change the government alone. It is touching the orange because Parliament and the Association of Ministries can change the government. It is touching the red because the pride of the people can change the government.

National Dish


National Religion

Christianity (de facto)

Gaplan Cuisine

Gaplan Cuisine is based on Seafood and East Asian dishes. Most of the population is from that area.