States and Territories

of the Federated States of Gapla

Pheonix One of the three Original Union Day states, joining the union on March 7, 2019. This state has been known to love peace and unity.​

Snake One of the three Original Union Day states, joining the union on March 7, 2019. This state has been known to love power.​

​Emeralkia After Gapla wouldn't let Emeralkia in, Emeralkia protested and eventually got admission to the union. It is now divided into two sections, North and South.​

Syopolis Syopolis is a state that started weak, but grew its power. It rivals Snake.

Great Griffin A country-side state, Great Gryffin prides bravery.

Chickenopolis This state is for anyone who follows the Chicken Greeting and is a big fan of chickens.

Kingdom City A very independent acting state, Kingdom City has fought many disputes with Snake, Emeralkia and Syopolis. Emeralkia once tried to rename Kingdom City to Highway 81. This attempt was failed because of Snake forces. The state is now divided into two sections: Downtown Kingdom City and Ruby Kingdom.

Elemental Elemental is a state very fond of Music, Gems and Natural Elements. Elemental holds all of the Gapla National Music Competition and is home to the National Orchestra and Choir of Gapla.

Laterland Laterland was one of the Later states to join the union, and that is why it is called Laterland.

Asmiland Asmiland is a very independent state, as Asmiland is the rival of Kingdom City, but gets along well with it.

Candyland Candyland, once the Reich of Suhasni, was renamed after realizing that the name was very weird. Candyland is not the #1 candy producing state/territory in Gapla, although, Syopolis is.

Bangtan A huge BTS fan, hence its name. It is currently divided into East and West Bangtan, but it is still one territory.

Trinity Trinity is by far the most superstitious and religious territory/state in Gapla.

Daisy Daisy is accused of being a "decoy" of Syopolis. Syopolis and Daisy deny this.

Pegasus Pegasus is known for loving their mythical state animal, the Pegasus.

Musicland Musicland is a music-loving state, hence its name and its music fillled flag. The Gapla National Music Administration is headquartered in... *drumroll...* ELEMENTAL!

Poshstate Posh. Posh poshy posh. You get the idea.

Destruction This state tries to destroy everything (and fails). Nobody knows why. Probably because of their name. (BTW, the motto translated to english is Destroy Destroy Destroy.)

Anika Kingdom This territory is ruled by Queen Anika I of Anika Kingdom.

Xadia This state is named after a land in The Dragon Prince, and has developed enormously.​

Cloudland This territory loves the nature and clouds. Hence, it is named Cloudland.

Ozzah This ambitious state strives to be the best and collects citizens and allies well.​

Sweet Falls A relatively new territory, ambitious in its goals.

Mogollon A state that is new, but big in land, power, and influence.