Seals of Gaplan Offices

Here, you will find the Seals and Records of Gaplan Offices.


1st President, Wyatt Seungri Baek

Vice President

1st Vice President, Mirabelle Wang

2nd Vice President, Vera Lily Sy

3rd Vice President, Irene Kim (honorable discharge)

4th Vice President, Chelsea Chen (temporary)

Senior Secretary of the State

1st Senior Secretary, Shaun Murzello

2nd Senior Secretary, Emma Bunnell

3rd Senior Secretary, Bright Li

Assistant to the Executive Council

1st Assistant, Tessa Huffmire

2nd Assistant, Kavya Tyagi

3rd Assistant, Mirabelle Wang

Chief Justice

1st Chief Justice, Joshua Tan

2nd Chief Justice, Grace Tan

3rd Chief Justice, Shaun Murzello (dishonorable discharge)

4th Chief Justice, Emma Bunnell (temporary)